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Gallura is a historical and geographical region of Sardinia. It includes the north-eastern part of the island, from the river Coghinas which marks the boundary to the west, then taking in the Limbara massif which demarcates the southern boundary, up to the massif of Mount Nieddu to the south-east, in the municipality of San Teodoro. 
The territory was included in the province of Olbia-Tempio with all municipalities now within the province of Sassari. 
Gallura is abundant in granite rock smoothed by the wind, rain and sea, especially along the coast, with natural sculptures featuring bizarre shapes like that of the Bear near Palau; this gives the region a quite original character, very similar in appearance to southern Corsica, apart from the north where the rocky landscape gives way to fertile plains. The spontaneous coastal vegetation consists of Mediterranean maquis (mastic, cistus, strawberry tree, myrtle, etc.). Inland, on the other hand, the environment changes as it is more sheltered from the winds and is characterised by large granite outcrops and woods of oak and cork oaks, the processing of which is one of the main production activities.
The territory of Gallura also includes the Costa Smeralda in the municipality of Arzachena on the east coast.  The main towns are Olbia, Tempio Pausania, Arzachena and La Maddalena.