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Pedra Bianca-Tepilora


Pedra Bianca-Tepilora
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 The granite massif of the plateau of Tepilora characterises the panorama of a large part of the municipality of Bitti (NU). This area lies entirely within the Tepilora Regional Natural Park, for the conservation and protection of natural resources and the creation of opportunities for sustainable development.
This territory includes:  The Forest Complex Oasis Tepilora, which comprises three state-owned forests in the municipalities of Torpè and Bitti, covering a total area of approximately 5719 hectares managed by the Sardinian Forestry Authority.   The Forest Complex of Padru, comprised of four management units, largely within the municipal territory of Padru and partially within that of San Teodoro (approximately 4115 hectares).
The forest areas of Pedra Bianca and Mount Nieddu, with breathtaking scenery and superb biodiversity (flora and fauna) within in a network of forest roads that promote hiking: to reach the hamlets of Padru (OT) and Torpè (NU) as well as the state forest of Monte Nieddu.
The Regional Natural Park of Tepilora, Sant'Anna and Rio Posada (in the process of being established): initially referred to as "Tepilora Regional Natural Park", the park owes its current name to the decision to extend the original boundaries to also include the territories bordering the Rio Posada. The park of Tepilora, Sant'Anna and Rio Posada covers an area of 6,656 hectares and is home to wildlife sanctuaries, with a complete ban on hunting. The Forestry Authority of Sardinia operates in this area, and is directly responsible, in various capacities, for the management of almost the entire forest.