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Do you know what a trail is?

Definiamo Sentiero una via stretta a fondo naturale, tracciata fra prati, boschi o rocce...formata dal passaggio di uomini o animali...

Passeggiata lungo il bosco nei sentieri di Perd'e Pibera

A trail is a narrow path with a natural substrate crossing meadows, woods or rocks, which is not classified in the standard road system and possibly not even recorded on maps, it is the result of the passage of humans or animals, or else, purposely man-made for non-motorized traffic; trails are an important sign of human presence, visible and practicable. A trail is a series of observation points that let you admire Nature and evidence of Man, a series of vantage points on the natural beauty of the landscape. A trail can, however, exist and operate even in the absence of specific signage, and without land registry documentation that "elevates it to the rank of" a RES or RIS hiking or horse-riding trail. Trails are made up of minimal linear elements called SECTIONS.