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The region of Sarcidano lies between Campidanese and Barbagia. The territory offers a series of natural environments and vividly coloured plateau landscapes. The countryside features forests of oaks and chestnut trees but also the two artificial lakes of Mulargia and Flumendosa, vital to agriculture and often used for sporting events, including rowing and fishing competitions. In addition to agropastoral activities, the area has strong traditions in textiles and goldsmithery: Isili is famous for its copper artifacts, while at Nurri and Orroli millstones are produced using local basalt, an industry that has virtually died out elsewhere in Sardinia. The area boasts numerous archaeological remains like the nuraghi Is Paras in Isili where, among other things, there is also an interesting museum dedicated to copperwork. Here you can hear the sounds of the blacksmith's workshop.