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Barbagia Nuorese


Barbagia Nuorese
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Barbagia di Nuoro or Nuorese (Su Nugorèsu in nuorese Sardinian , Su Nuorèsu in Lugudorese Sardinian) is a historical regionof North Eastern Sardinia. Inthe Middle Ages the territory mostly belonged to the curatoria of Dore-Orotelli of the Kingdom of Torres.  In actual fact, the term "Nuorese" today indicates a widerterritory which also includes part of the territories that during the period of the four kingdoms belonged to the curatorial offices of Bitti and Orosei-Galtellì of the Kingdom of Gallura (source: Wikipedia).
This region borders with the territories of Goceano, Mount Acuto and Baronie to the north, with Marghine to the west, Supramonte and Gennargentu Ogliastrino and Barbagia (Barbagia of Ollolai, as it was called historically) to the Southand with Baronie on the slopes overlooking the sea on the east coast of the island.