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Oniferi, Nuraghe Ola, end of the GAL BMG route

oniferi - nuraghe ola

The point of interest

How to get here

After visiting the necropolis of Sas Concas, continue on State road SS 128. After about 3 km you will reach the magnificent Nuraghe Ola, on the left of the road, in an area dotted with archaeological monuments. Immediately before the nuraghe stand two large stone huts, excavated some years ago. The nuraghe, a prehistoric stone fortress, has recently been restored. It consists of a large inner chamber with tholos (corbelled) ceiling, with some wall niches and an impressive flight of stairs built within the wall leading to the upper floor. The upper chamber has a top slab closing off the tholos ceiling. On the summer solstice, the slab is sometimes removed to witness the fascinating phenomenon of the sun ray that, at midday, pierces the darkness of the chamber. After visiting the nuraghe, you can return to town or pay a visit to the beautiful but unmarked necropolis of Brodu, not far away.

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