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Town of Gadoni, start point of the GAL BMG route

Gadoni - Is breccas

The point of interest

How to get here

Start from the town of Gadoni, taking Provincial road SP 2 towards Seulo, then turn right onto the tarmac road in the direction of Funtana Raminosa. The beautiful road partly follows the miners’ route and runs alongside the gardens and fruit orchards they tended on their way to the mine every day from the village. As the road steadily rises, the view of the Flumendosa valley opens up. You will then pass among the buildings of the abandoned mine in the Riu Saraxinus valley. The mining site is open to visitors ( and is well worth a visit. Continue uphill for a few more kilometres until you reach the summit of the road. Then turn left and follow the signs for Foresta Corongia on a partly unsurfaced road. When the road flattens out you will reach the Bauzzoni picnic area, where you must leave your car.

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